That Amazing Third Person-Part 3

Of course, all of these things that the Holy Spirit does, and all that He means to us, is only possible because He is God, the Holy Spirit. We’ve considered His role in bringing us to salvation and learned that He works in our lives from the moment we are saved. We have thought on the security and assurance given to us who have been born again. Today, let’s look at a sampling of how He works: He teaches (I Corinthians 2:13). He guides (John 16:13). He comforts (John 16:7). He reveals (John 16:13-14) He enables (Acts 1:8). He purifies (Acts 15:8-9). He produces Spiritual fruit in our lives (Galatians 5:22-23). What can you add to this list? What would we do without Him? In her hymn, “Since the Comforter has Come,” Eliza E. Hewitt has musically touched on today’s subject: “Since the Comforter has come, ev’ry door is opened wide, and I welcome Him to reign within my soul;  He has brought the things of Christ and has shown them unto me, and my life is under His full control. Since the Comforter has come, I’ve been guided into truth,  He has taught me ev’rything I ought to know; and to my remembrance brought precious sayings of my Lord, and He leads me in the paths that I should go. Since the Comforter has come, there is peace within my heart,  I have rest from fretting, worriment and care;  I have pow’r to testify to the Lord who loves me so, and my faith is mounting on wings of pray’r. The Comforter has come to abide;  The Comforter has come to abide; of my fully yielded soul  He has taken full control, for the Comforter has come to abide.” Selah! When He comes to abide, He comes to stay. He is resident in us; let’s be sure He is president over us!    Ron

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