When the Impossible Becomes Possible

When Jesus told His disciples, in Mark 10:25, that it was easier “….for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God,” they were overwhelmingly astonished. In Verse 26, they asked, “….Who then can be saved?” In Verse 27 Jesus answered, “….With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” When the spies were sent by Moses to report on the “Promised Land,” the majority report said Israel couldn’t take the land, but Caleb and Joshua didn’t agree. Caleb said, “….Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.” (From Numbers 13:30). What caused the different reports? The majority looked at the obstacles; Caleb and Joshua looked to God. Taking the land was impossible for men, but not God! Today, many Christians believe that it is impossible to know increasing victory over sin. They see the old nature and new nature in a constant battle, without either one gaining much ground, or perhaps the old nature as having a slight edge. Maybe, occasionally, the new nature will get the upper hand. If we are depending on ourselves this scenario might be quite accurate. If we are depending on God, we can know more and more victories and see real progress. But, you ask, how do we depend on God like that? The basic answer is always the Word and prayer. There are other helps but, without Scripture and prayer, they have little impact. On the other hand, if we are disciplined to study, apply, and obey God’s Word and to pray, these other helps are valuable. They include: biographies, books on sound doctrine, books on consecration, apologetics, fellowship with serious Christians, Godly music, books on prophecy, Bible Studies, etc. These can never take the place of God’s Word and prayer, but they can be like salt and pepper or seasoning, when we are enjoying the “meat” of the Word. The basic question is: how serious are we about the things of God? “Have we learned the secret of the Christian’s pow’r? Victory, victory, all the way along; list’ning and obeying, trusting every hour, victory all along through Jesus. By the Word indwelling, “watching unto prayer,” victory, victory, all the way along; resting, while we serve Him, in His keeping care, victory all along through Jesus. Let Him do the planning, let Him use our days, victory, victory, all the way along; yielding to His Spirit, His shall be the praise; victory all along through Jesus. Only “earthen vessels,” His the treasure rare, victory, victory, all the way along; humbly overcoming—then the mansions fair; victory all along through Jesus. Victory, victory, all the way along, lift Immanuel’s banner, marching on with song; Christ shall keep His kingdom, right shall conquer wrong: victory through Jesus, all the way along.” (“Victory All the Way Along, “- By Eliza E. Hewitt). Selah! Consecration makes strong demands and gives blessed rewards!   Ron

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