It’s All Over!?

Hope was lost; anticipations were crushed, disappointment reigned! All that those early disciples were expecting “went up in smoke.” The One Who was to bring about Israel’s restoration and the downfall of Rome’s rule was dead. They left everything and followed Him for those few very short years. It was a tremendous experience! He was the deliverer they believed would lead them in His kingdom. Now, they were forsaken! Or, were they? They could no longer see Him, touch Him, listen to Him or watch Him in action. Many today feel that way. They have assumed that He was just a great teacher, leader, moralist, example, but just a historical person. No real help today! But He wasn’t through with His disciples and He’s not through with us today. He was the Son of God and God the Son then, now and forever! He has had a plan from eternity past, through time, all the way into eternity future. Even though they felt abandoned and even if His own feel that way today, He hasn’t left those who are His! II Corinthians 5:7 explains: “(For we walk by faith, not by sight).” While this was much more difficult for those discouraged disciples for a short period of time, we look back and have learned what happened. They would soon learn what we know by faith today. Jesus Never Fails! Arthur A. Luther understood. In his hymn, “Jesus Never Fails,” he gives us two stanzas to keep in mind when all appears hopeless: “Tho the sky be dark and drear, fierce and strong the gale, just remember He is near and He will not fail. In life’s dark and bitter hour love will still prevail; trust His everlasting pow’r—Jesus will not fail! Jesus never fails, Jesus never fails; Heav’n and earth may pass away, but Jesus Never Fails!” Selah! For the child of God, life’s trials are only operative in the context of His victory! They are temporary; His victory is forever!   Ron

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