One Week to Live

How would you feel, if you only had one week to live? What would it be like to actually die? What about after you die? Where would you be? When fears enter your thoughts, when doubts trouble you, it can leave you shaken and feeling hopeless. Only one week to get ready before it’s too late. Death is a scary thing to contemplate, unless you know the One Who has conquered death. If He is your Lord and Savior, death is the gate to His Presence forever! What a future to be with Him forever! Jesus reached this point in His Life when He only had one week left here on earth. What He faced would dwarf our worst thoughts by comparison. He had to be mocked, rejected, denied, insulted, bear awful suffering, be nailed to a wooden cross to hang there in the heat, and finally die. But, as inexpressibly horrible as it was, all that is not the worst part. The worst part is that the Holy, perfect, spotless Son of God had to bear the entire sin debt of the whole world for all of time, in our place. This brings full cleansing and forgiveness to all who come to Him and receive Him, who trust Him as Savior and Lord and receive the benefits of His atoning blood. Why did He go through it? Why would He allow such horrendous atrocities? He loved us, and bore it all so we wouldn’t have to bear it. And, He did it for the glory of God. Romans 5:8 tells us that: “….God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Think on this question that is found in Robert Harkness’ hymn, “Why Should He Love Me So? This is how he put it: “Love sent my Savior to die in my stead. Why should He love me so? Meekly to Calvary’s cross He was led. Why should He love me so? Nails pierced His hands and His feet for my sin. Why should He love me so? He suffered sore my salvation to win. Why should He love me so? O how He agonized there in my place! Why should He love me so? Nothing withholding my sin to efface. Why should He love me so? Why should He love me so? Why should He love me so? Why should my Savior to Calvary go? Why should He love me so? Selah! There’s no explaining love like this. God loves! Our part is to love Him and trust Him with our hearts and lives and learn to love Him better every day!   Ron

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