Incapability of the Mind

The human mind can only know some things ABOUT God. It cannot enable us to know God Himself! The human mind is incapable of knowing God.  I Corinthians 2:14 tells us that: “….the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God….” That is, the human mind cannot receive Spiritual Truth without the enabling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit draws people to Christ. If they receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit begins a revealing of Spiritual Truth that lasts a lifetime. He also reveals to heart and mind the Person and Presence of Jesus. We realize that we now know Him in a wonderful and personal relationship. The tragedy is that many have assumed that knowledge ABOUT Him is the same as knowing Him. It most definitely is not! If you do not know Him in wonderful Friendship and fellowship, if you are not conscious of His abiding Presence in you, you may only know ABOUT Him. Knowing ABOUT Him is only so that you may see that you need to surrender your heart and life to Him. When you do trust Him and His Word like that, your Spiritual rebirth takes place and you begin to discover Him and discern His Presence. In the hymn, “How Can I Be Lonely?“ – By Haldor Lillenas, we have a musical testimony of the wonder of enjoying Him personally each moment of our lives: “One is walking with me over life’s uneven way, constantly supporting me each moment of the day. How can I be lonely when such fellowship is mine, with my blessed Lord divine!? How can I be lonely when I’ve Jesus only to be my Companion and unfailing Guide? Why should I be weary, or the path seem dreary, when He’s walking by my side?” Selah! One of Satan’s most successful deceptions is to let us settle for knowledge ABOUT Him, without coming to truly KNOW Him!   Ron  

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