A Heart-rending Glimpse

There was a time, not so very long ago, when Christians were strongly challenged to reach “the lost.” Have you heard recently (except in a general way) any serious challenge to  witness to others? Why not? Has God stopped caring about unsaved people? Absolutely not! Could it be that downplaying preaching about Hell has contributed to this dereliction of duty? General Booth, of the Salvation Army, has been quoted as saying that if he could put his officers in Hell for five minutes, they would need no more motivation to try to win the “lost!” They would reach out with deeply burdened hearts to rescue the perishing. Jude gives us this strong admonition in Verse 23: “….others save with fear, pulling (them) out of the fire….” Let me give just one line of thought as an example: imagine having someone hold a match to your finger that you couldn’t extinguish. Then realize that you couldn’t “pass out” or get free. You will have to suffer that pain, forever! Only a finger? What if it were your whole body? Far worse than that, what if it was your soul burning and never stopping? This is only one little part of all that has to do with Hell. God deliver us from cold hearts and tearless eyes! Herbert G. Tovey gave us the hymn, “A Passion for Souls.” May we pray for a passion for souls: “Give me a passion for souls, dear Lord, a passion to save the lost; O that Thy love were by all adored and welcomed at any cost! Tho there are dangers untold and stern confronting me in the way, willingly still would I go, nor turn, but trust Thee for grace each day. How shall this passion for souls be mine? Lord, make Thou the answer clear; help me to throw out the old Life-line to those who are struggling near. Jesus, I long, I long to be winning men who are lost, and constantly sinning; O may this hour be one of beginning, the story of pardon to tell.”  Selah! Please realize that this article and yesterday’s are not from one who has “arrived,” but from one who hopes you will join him in praying for a passion for souls.  Ron

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1 thought on “A Heart-rending Glimpse

  1. These are excellent and timely, Ron. Thanks for bringing back those old hymns that drew us into a close relationship with our Lord.

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