Only Two?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a church that meets all the guidelines we have been considering? What do you do if you can’t find one that you can attend and join? The first approach is possibly finding one that’s quite close to the criteria. If it’s quite close, God may be able to use you to help influence it to come closer still. However, what if you can’t find any that are close at all? Stop attending church? Absolutely not! Put up with a poor one? No! Carefully seeking God’s guidance, look for a strong, committed Christian that lives reasonably near you. See if he and/or she is concerned to have a strong church in your area. Meet for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and seek to have God’s mind on being used to “birth” a new church. A good and growing Bible Study has often been the means of bringing a sound church into existence. Jesus, in Matthew 18:20 reminds us that things can be done with only two (or three) who are His, when they come together: “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.” “Jesus is Here,”-By Haldor Lillenas offers lyrical insights on this wonderful reality: “When two or three together meet in Jesus’ holy name, there He is near their souls to greet, to set their souls aflame. His promises are verified to all who but believe, and ev’ry soul is satisfied, who Christ their Lord receive. Jesus is here, Jesus is here, softly the whisper now falls on the ear, worship Him now, tenderly bow, Jesus our Savior is here.” Selah! Some cautions are needed before doing this. Don’t do this over a secondary doctrine. Don’t do it to satisfy a personal agenda. Do it only if you are sure of God’s leading and if it’s to bring a sound ministry into being. Seek counsel from someone who has been really used of God in this way. Proceed slowly and thoughtfully and with much prayer and heart searching.    Ron

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