Sincerity in Song – 3

Every Moment of Every Day,”- by Norman J. Clayton has been sung by many of God’s children. Often it has been sung with heart-felt appreciation. However, there is still a lingering question, if we stop and think about it. Did we really mean: “Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day, yielded completely to Jesus alone every step of this pilgrim way. Just to be clay in the Potter’s hands, only to do as His will commands. Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day.” (Lyrics are as near as I can remember them). Probably most of us who have given our lives to Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior try to mean it when we do think about it. Am I writing on this subject to point out our failures to live out what we sing? No! My motive is to challenge us to seriously strive, with God’s enabling, to experience and live out what we sing. Consider making Colossians 3:23 our disciplined determination: “And whatsoever ye do, do (it) heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Selah! Don’t just sing! Think! Make it personal. With God’s Word and with prayer, live it out! Let it bless you and others. Be serious about what you sing.   Ron

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