Sincerity in Song – 1

Those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior usually like to sing hymns. (Even some who do not know Him like to sing hymns). Why do we sing hymns? Here are some possible reasons: We love to sing (or try). That’s what we do in church. I like the music. Let me suggest some good reasons to sing: It helps me worship. It enables me to express what I “feel” when I can’t find the right words to articulate my “feelings.” It prepares my heart to listen to the message. It challenges me to walk closely with God. It convicts me of sin. There are some problems: We can sing without thinking through  what the hymn is saying to us. We can sing to “show off” our voices. We can sing because we like the tune. Do we sing with honesty? Do we really mean what we sing? For example: perhaps we sang this song at one time or another: “I Love Him Better Every Day.” – by Thoro Harris. Here is the chorus: “I love Him better every day; I love Him better every day! Close by His side, I will abide; I love Him better every day!” Now, let me ask: do we love Him better every day? Do we abide, close by His side? If we can’t honestly and sincerely answer, “I do!” we need to intensely apply ourselves to experience the reality of what we sing. In Psalm 96:1, we are exhorted: “O sing unto the LORD a new song.” Selah! When we become serious about what we sing, it may be for us: “a new song!”

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