A Priceless Cure!

Imagine being diagnosed with terminal cancer. No known cure! But one is discovered. However, the cost is fifty million dollars. Your ability to come up with the money is non-existent. Someone is aware of your situation. He will pay the cost. It will involve a sacrifice so great that it would impossible to comprehend. He makes the sacrifice; you receive the money; you are cured! On an immeasurably higher scale, this is exactly what Jesus did! We inherited an incurable disease called “sin” from Adam and Eve. It’s terminal! We inherited eternal death! There is only one possible cure! It cost terrible emotional, spiritual, physical suffering and a horrible death! Jesus paid it all! Every human being has the deadly disease of sin. Because Jesus is infinite, His sacrifice had/has infinite value. It is sufficient to cure every human being ever born on this earth. It will cure anyone and everyone who is willing to accept it. How do we receive this cure? By being motivated to respond to such love, by trusting His cure, by giving our hearts and lives to Him as our Lord and Savior, we are “cured!” We are restored to life, Spiritually. In I Peter 1:18 we are reminded: “….ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold….” Verse 19 reminds us that it was: “….with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.” “The blood that Jesus once shed for me, as my Redeemer, upon the tree; the blood that setteth the prisoner free, will never lose its power. It gives us access to God on high, from far off places it brings us nigh; to precious blessings that never die, it will never lose its power. It is a shelter for rich and poor,  It is to Heaven the open door; the sinner’s merit forevermore, it will never lose its power. And when with all the blood washed throng we sing in glory redemption’s song; we’ll pass the glorious truth along, it has never lost its power. It will never lose its pow’r, it will never lose its pow’r; the blood that cleanses from all sin will never lose Its power.” (“The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power“-By Civilla D. Martin). Selah! Can you picture someone turning down a gift of fifty million dollars that will provide a cure for terminal cancer? How could anyone turn down a cure for spiritual death bought at infinite cost by Jesus?     Ron

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