“What” Do You Think?

What do you think? Let me extract a thought from Proverbs 23:7. It’s very interesting: “….he thinketh in his heart.” Evidently, our minds (our ability to think) are a part of our hearts. More of the verse reads like this: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so (is) he.” What we “think” becomes part of us. Our minds can be manipulated to think what someone wants us to think. Our emotions can be used against us; they can stimulate our minds to think what people want us to think. For example: How many businesses would fail, if we used reason to decide if we will, or will not, purchase something? Most purchases are prompted by our “feelings” (emotions). Only our wills can override our emotions. All too often, our wills align with our emotions instead of controlling them. How can we will to do what is right? Before we consider that, think on these two warnings: Paul’s inspired warning in Romans 8:6 was: “For to be carnally minded (is) death; but to be spiritually minded (is) life and peace.” James’ inspired warning was: “A double minded man (is) unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). Our wills are  stubborn! We want what we want and we don’t want what we don’t want. This is where Spiritual mindedness comes into play. When our minds, influenced by God’s Word, begin to change our motives and desires, our wills will be strengthened to do what is right. May our determination be that of Philip Doddridge as he expressed it in his hymn, “Happy Day.” He wrote: “Now rest, my long divided heart; fixed on this blissful center, rest; nor ever from my Lord depart, with Him of every good possessed.” Selah! So, if Jesus is your Lord and Savior, are you thinking God’s thoughts (found in His Word) into your heart? If not, what do you think?   Ron

Questions? E-mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com

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