Evidence of Spirituality

We can’t be Spiritual, if we haven’t been reborn of the Spirit! However, we can be born again and still have little Spirituality. Let me note here that God won’t accept that in His children; He will work on, in and with us, to move us toward Spirituality. Is there some way to identify progress? Yes! It’s found in Galatians 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.” This kind of evidence can’t be manufactured! Self effort might bring “spotty” progress on some of these; only the Holy Spirit, bringing God’s Word to bear on our lives, can accomplish steady growth in the entire nine-fold fruit. If we see some of this progress, it isn’t so we can take pride in it. Yet, it can encourage us and, if it does, let it cause our praise and gratitude to ascend to the Source of the fruit. Actually, this fruit is an expression of the character of our Lord Jesus. When people realize that we are consistently being made fruitful this way, their attention can be directed to Him Who alone can do this in our lives. Led by the Spirit, guided by the Spirit, taught by the Spirit, corrected by the Spirit and enabled by the Spirit, we will reflect Jesus. What a testimony to His power! Timely thoughts are expressed in this hymn, ” Fruit-Bearing,” by Clara McAlister Brooks: If ye then with Christ be risen, seek those things which are above; putting off all wrath and malice, walk with Him in perfect love. Lay aside all strife and envy, hatred, foolishness, and pride; none who cling to aught that’s sinful in His kingdom shall abide. If we’re in the Spirit living, let us also walk therein, free from guilt and condemnation—from the servitude of sin bearing holy fruits of meekness, temperance and love and peace, faith and gentleness possessing, daily shall our joy increase.  Can there issue from one fountain both the bitter and the sweet? Do we gather figs of thistles, sow the tares, expecting wheat?  So a good tree yields by nature perfect fruit, and that alone; trees corrupt are bearing evil—by their fruits they shall be known. Once of sin we were the servants, held beneath its tyrant sway, free from righteousness— unholybut we’ve found a better way. By the word of God obeying, we are free from sinful strife; fruits of holiness we’re yielding, and the end eternal life. We are dwelling in the Spirit, by our Father’s blest design; through His grace we’re made partakers of His nature, pure, divine.  By His faith alone I’m living, for with Christ to sin I died;  I will bear abundant fruitage, that His name be glorified.” Selah! God intends for His own to be Spiritually fruitful!   Ron

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