Spirituality and Scripture

I hope I’m wrong but I suspect that many do not get beyond the Bible being just a good or great book for them to read. If we treat the Bible as incidental and/or as a “religious” duty or responsibility to be discharged, we have made a serious mistake! There is no “Spirituality” apart from a proper involvement with God’s Holy Word! In Colossians 3:16, there is an indispensable charge to all who know Jesus as Savior and Lord: “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.” This could be justifiably rendered: Let the Holy Spirit dwell in you richly. Until we recognize the Bible for what it is, little, if any, Spiritual progress will be made. God speaks to us in the content on all the pages of His Word. Some Old Testament people heard God speak audibly. However, they didn’t have His full revelation like we do from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. When we hear Him speaking to our hearts and minds and heed what He’s telling us, Spiritual development is underway. Jesus said, “….the words that I speak unto you, (they) are spirit, and (they) are life.” (From John 6:63). The more the Holy Spirit fills, the more we learn of God and the things of God. Tobias Clausnitzer in his hymn “Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word,” understood that God speaks through His Word: ‘Blessed Jesus, at your Word we are gathered all to hear You. Let our hearts and souls be stirred now to seek and love and fear You. By Your gospel pure and holy, teach us, Lord, to love you solely. All our knowledge, sense, and sight lie in deepest darkness shrouded, till your Spirit breaks our night with your beams of Truth unclouded. You alone to God can win us; you must work all good within us. Glorious Lord, yourself impart; Light of Light, from God proceeding, open lips and ears and heart; help us by Your Spirit’s leading.  Hear the cry your church now raises; Lord, accept our prayers and praises.” Are we listening? Selah! When you get alone with God in His Word, quiet yourself and remind yourself to listen carefully and then act on what He says!  Ron

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