The Verdict!

There is sin in the hearts and sins in the lives of all human beings. There are no exceptions! That familiar verse (Romans 3:23) delivers the verdict: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” We are guilty! No human effort, no religion, no good deeds, nothing (on our part) can change the verdict. Romans 6:23a makes that completely clear: “For the wages of sin (is) death.” However, God foresaw our fall into sin and our utter hopelessness and helplessness to do anything to offset the damage. He already knew what had to be done to exonerate all who are willing. Sin’s penalty has to be paid and we don’t have any way to pay it. Only one Person could pay that penalty—Jesus! Why only Him? Being God, He was and is infinite; therefore the value of His sacrifice, His death on the cross, is infinite. It paid the penalty in full for all of humanity, for all of time. He died our death, in our place! Very Strong Warning: it is only applied to those who receive Jesus as Savior and Lord! When we trust Him, His perfection is credited to us and the Judge says: “Pardoned!” With the value of His death applied to all who truly trust, spiritual death gives way to Spiritual Life. We are “raised” to walk in newness of Life. Our eternal destination is radically changed from Hell to Heaven. This is the Gospel; the very good news! What glorious news we have to offer to all who are “dead in trespasses and sins!” (From Ephesians 2:1). Those who have experienced this transformation can identify with these thoughts in the hymn, “He Abides“-By Herbert Buffum: “Once my heart was full of sin, once I had no peace within, till I heard how Jesus died upon the tree; then I fell down at His feet, and there came a peace so sweet; now the Comforter abides with me. There’s no thirsting for the things of the world—they’ve taken wings; long ago I gave them up, and instantly, all my night was turned to day, all my burdens rolled away; now the Comforter abides with me.” Selah! Let’s spread the news!     Ron

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