No Friends!

Have you ever stopped to think how you would feel, if you realized that you had no friends? Do you take friends for granted? Have you thanked God for your good friends? Have you thanked your friends for their friendship? Are we true friends to others? What is a friend? A friend is one who truly cares for and values another person. Friends enjoy being with you and doing things together and that’s what you enjoy with them. Friends want to help each other. Friends share sorrows and joys. Friends pray for each other. If you have no friends or few friends, think on this verse from Proverbs 18:24a. It says: “A man (that hath) friends must shew himself friendly.“Proverbs 17:17 speaks of a genuine friendship: “A friend loveth at all times.” And, if we are born again, our best friend is Jesus! Proverbs 18:24 tells us: “….there is a friend (that) sticketh closer than a brother.” Joseph C. Ludgate, in his hymn, “Friendship with Jesus,” rejoices in our very best Friend: “A friend of Jesus! Oh, what bliss that one so weak as I should ever have a Friend like this to lead me to the sky! A Friend when other friendships cease, a Friend when others fail, a Friend who gives me joy and peace, a Friend when foes assail! A Friend when sickness lays me low, a friend when death draws near, a Friend as through the vale I go, a Friend to help and cheer! A Friend when life’s short race is o’er, a Friend when earth is past, a Friend to meet on Heaven’s shore, a Friend when home at last! Friendship with Jesus! Fellowship divine!  Oh, what blessed, sweet communion! Jesus is a Friend of mine.” Selah! The greatest act of friendship that can ever be done is to invite others to come to Jesus and receive Him as Savior, Lord and Friend!     Ron

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