Baby Steps

At the moment of Spiritual birth, your new life begins. If you have just come to receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you are an infant Spiritually. God doesn’t instantly make us mature saints. Just as with physical birth, there is the “milk to meat” process. In I Peter 2:2, we are given this inspired instruction: “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.” This “milk” stage begins with being dependent on parents and others who love you and care for you. Your early “sips” of Spiritual milk taste good and feel good going down into you. Some of these “sips” might be coming to love our heavenly Father, as we learned to love our earthly parents. Another might be to start to understand what is expected of us. We have to be taught to obey. We must discover that certain things are wrong. As we begin to grow, we will experience being disciplined. We must be confronted when we do wrong. We enjoy approval when we do right. Our minds begin to grasp basic truths; our curiosity increases; we ask questions and want answers. As we grow, more comprehension of what life is all about fills our minds and hearts. This is pretty much the pattern in our Spiritual lives. We increase in our desire to please our Father in Heaven. We can say with the hymnwriter: ” My desire — to be like Jesus, my desire to be like Him! His Spirit fill me, His love o’erwhelm me: in deed and word to be like Him! (“My Desire“-by Lillian Plankenhorn). Selah! God’s plan is to take us from Spiritual birth to full maturity. Each day is a part of that plan. God completes the plan when we see Jesus. We are then prepared for Heaven! (Tomorrow, God willing, we want to think on “advanced” growth). Do come by; the “steak” is wonderful!   Ron

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