A Near Monopoly on Education

Where is there any basis in the Bible for Public Education? We can find a basis for parental education. Apprenticeship seems to be implied as acceptable. Why did Public Education ever begin? Space doesn’t allow for a detailed look at this. So, let’s begin with the early days of secular education and consider its results. I’m making an assumption here: Secular education began in the mind of someone spoken of in Ephesians 2:2: “….the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” Why would Satan involve himself in education? It’s a way for him to control what goes into our minds. He has been very successful with this scheme. All non-Christians and too many Christians are influenced to a greater or lesser degree by a secular worldview. Educators are indoctrinated with this worldview and it is passed down from generation to generation as “right,” but actually, it is mostly wrong. Jesus describes this kind of activity in Matthew 15:14 in these words: “….they be blind leaders of the blind….” People can be highly educated in this world’s concept of learning and be ignorant of Truth and wisdom from God. Satan began his capturing of minds with some worthwhile teaching. However, little by little, he has diminished this kind of training and replaced it with what aligns with his goals until he now has a near monopoly on what enters our minds. Much of this corrupt worldview has slyly infiltrated Christian institutions and thinking. Let us fervently pray that which Kate B. Wilkinson prayed in the first stanza of her hymn, “May the Mind of Christ, My Savior.” This is how she put it: “May the mind of Christ, my Savior, live in me from day to day, by His love and power controlling all I do and say.” Then let us daily go to the Source of Truth and true wisdom. Selah! In case you haven’t noticed, our ancient enemy has slipped much of this “fallen” worldview into music and has used other means, as well. More tomorrow, God willing.    Ron

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