Solid Evidence of the Spirit’s Filling

Ephesians 5:18 gives us a command: “….be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.” The question is this: “How can I know if I am filled?” Various ideas are advanced in an attempt to determine if one is truly filled with the Holy Spirit. One idea is that if we have power to preach or witness, that’s evidence. Another idea is that if we have been given a certain gift, that’s the evidence. The problem is that a gift can be counterfeited. However, there is solid evidence: it is the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit! All nine fruit (not fruits) would be impossible to counterfeit and/or maintain. Only the Holy Spirit’s filling (His ever increasing Presence within our soul [Re. “soul”-see yesterday’s article]) could consistently produce such fruit. The more of us that He controls, the more fruit is produced. That prompts another question: “How does He gain control?” Initially, His control begins with our yielding the control of our lives to Jesus as our Savior and Lord. For the Holy Spirit’s control to increase, there must be a daily intake of God’s Word. This intake cannot be limited to information and knowledge; it must be digested and lived out with the Holy Spirit’s help. If you just “tasted” good food, you might enjoy the taste, but it won’t help you until it is digested and becomes a part of you. God’s Word must become the very “fiber” of our souls. Until that Word holds sway, there will be little, if any, filling. When God’s Word dominates our minds, emotions and wills, the evidence will be clearly seen. Two stanzas from Palmer Hartsough’s hymn, “Filled with the Spirit Sent from the Father,” speak especially well to today’s article: “Filled with the Spirit, fitted for service, all that I am to Jesus I give; filled with the Spirit, doing His bidding, only for Jesus now would I live. Filled with the Spirit, we shall have vict’ry over the world and Satan and sin; filled with the Spirit, we shall find wisdom, souls for the Master joyful to win.” Selah! Starting tomorrow, we hope, God willing, to examine each part of  this miraculous fruit. Do “hop on board” tomorrow. We’ll watch for you.   Ron

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