Truth is Not “Private Property.”

One of the major “fallouts” from our culture, media and educational system is that God is ignored or shifted to the “back burner.” As a whole, we have rejected His authority and substituted ourselves to be our authority. If not ourselves, we listen to someone that we believe “has it right!” The result is a lack of reliable truth or even an inability to understand truth. Many have fallen for the foolish assumption that truth for us can be a different truth for someone else. If we are talking about things like physical differences, interests, preferences, etc. then there are things that would be true for different people. When, however, we are talking about God’s laws, values, standards, teaching, etc. we are talking about absolute Truth! Think about how foolish it would be to say that what God says may be true to you, but it’s not necessarily true to me. Consider someone who tells you that his or her truth is that 2 + 2 = 5. Or someone who is told by the IRS that it is true that he or she owes $500.00 dollars and they tell the IRs that their truth is that they owe $200.00. How far would that fly? What is really being said by those who consider truth to be relative is that they want to believe what they want to believe, even if it is not true. What God says in the Bible is absolute Truth, even if it is not believed to be Truth. God determines Truth even if we refuse to believe it!  As the Apostle Paul declared in Romans 3:4: “….let God be true, but every man a liar.”  In the hymn, “Precious Bible,” Daniel S. Warner offers these timeless and wise thoughts: “O precious Bible! burning words from heaven, we’ll ever cherish thee in our heart; sweet is the counsel by thy pages given: on life’s dark ocean, our only chart. This book of heaven shall endure forever; and from its wisdom we’ll never turn; weighed in its balance, all the creeds that sever are only stubble, ere long to burn. Dear book of mercy, on thy sure foundation we build a dwelling-place for our soul; hearing and doing all thy revelation, it stands unshaken, though billows roll.” Selah! A life built on anything other than God’s Truth in the Bible will end up lost, forever!   Ron

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