A Sentinel Within

For many, a conscience is a nuisance. It tries to talk them out of doing and being what they want to do and be. It’s an inner voice that cautions against doing or being wrong. In those who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord, it is common to exercise their will over their conscience. They do not pay attention to the warnings because they have convinced themselves that what they want to do or be is O. K. They think they can get away with what they desire. They may even get away with what they desire, for awhile. If all whose consciences have not been seared were to be guided by their inner sentinel, imagine the vast improvement our world would enjoy. Alas, fallen human nature usually sides with the seducer of souls and the world continues its downward spiral. For the child of God, the voice of God brings His Word to bear on our consciences and His indwelling Presence provides strength. That strength can be drawn upon to align ourselves with His will, thus reinforcing our determination to be and do right. With His strength, we can refuse the appeal of our old Adamic nature. In other words, we become overcomers and enjoy victories that we otherwise would not have. What motivates us to draw upon God’s strength? Our gratitude to Him, and our love for Him, and our desire to honor Him, motivates us to draw on His strength. That strength enables us to say “No!” to sin and “Yes!” to righteousness. “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, (do) all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him(Colossians 3:17). “My desire: to be like Jesus; my desire: to be like Him; His Spirit fill me, His love o’erwhelm me; in deed and word to be like Him.” (Source unknown-quoted from memory). Selah! While lost humanity spirals downward to eternal separation from God, the true child of God comes nearer and nearer to the fulfillment of his desire to be like Him and with Him forever!    Ron

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