Heart Attitudes: Discussing or Reciting?

If a salesman gave you a “canned” presentation and didn’t give you a chance to get a word in edgewise, would you be impressed? How often do we have a number of things to tell God about and do not wait for Him to respond? That may be because of prayers that we’ve heard others pray. It may be because we are accustomed to hearing prayers at church that seem to be (with notable exceptions) routine recitals. Do we really “get it” that prayer is discussing things with God and telling Him how much you appreciate Him and then listening to what He has to say? How can we know He is saying something to us? We don’t hear an audible voice. First and foremost, the more His Word (the Bible) is an integral part of our inner being (our hearts) the more we will be attuned to hear Him speaking to us. A receptive heart, coupled with a willingness to apply and obey, will increase our ability to hear Him. “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27). If we are His, and spend quality time in His Word, He will sometimes use “opened and closed doors” and Godly counsel to help us understand what He is telling us. In the hymn: “Speak, O Lord, Thy Voice Obeying,” Ida L. Reed gives us the kind of response that will sharpen our hearing: “Speak O Lord Thy voice obeying, I will Thy commandments keep, I will follow where Thou leadest, tho’ the path be dark and steep. Speak O Lord, behold I’m standing, waiting at Thy holy throne, Thou hast only to command me, henceforth I am all Thine own. Speak and I Thy voice obeying, gladly will Thy precepts keep, they will save my steps from straying, when temptations o’er me sweep. Speak O Lord, Thy servant heareth, and I wait to do Thy will, gladly I for Thee would labor, would my task of love fulfill.” Selah! Prayer is not a recitation where we talk “at” God; it is a time of shared conversation with our Heavenly Father.   Ron

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