Heart Attitudes: When and How to Be Firm

I want to borrow a phrase from Ephesians 4:15. It is this: “….speaking the Truth in love.” We have stressed doing that. We have said that some can be reached this way. We have cautioned against being harsh, condemning and unloving. What happens when we do this and the person doesn’t respond? He or she seems to be entrenched in error. In Titus 3:10, Paul advised Titus: “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject.” This is when to be firm (not mean; firm). How are we to be firm? One example might be: “What you believe and/or you are teaching is not Scriptural. If you are unwilling to stop, we can’t fellowship with you or we can’t let you spread error in our local church.” We need to be able to show this person where he or she is “off.” Then pray! If you have any indication that they might be ready to turn from error, talk to them. However, remain firm. Error must be stopped! We should “hurt” for any who are “caught up” in error. In the hymn, “Blest Instructor, from Thy Ways,” James Merrick offers this wise prayer: “Blest Instructor! from Thy ways, who can tell how oft he strays? Save from error’s growth my mind; leave not, Lord, one root behind. Purge me from guilt, that lies wrapt within my heart’s disguise; let me thence, by Thee renewed, each presumptuous sin exclude. Let my tongue, from error free, speak the words approved by Thee! To Thine all-observing eyes let my thoughts accepted rise. While I thus Thy Name adore, and Thy healing grace implore, blest Redeemer, bow Thine ear! God, my Strength, propitious hear.” Selah! Give no ground to error; offer solid ground to one who errs. Love them, be there for them, be firm, draw a line, but don’t shut out any who might be reachable.   Ron

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