The Thoughts and the Reality

It is helpful to stop and think what it would be like to have Jesus invite you to meet with Him. He tells you where He and you can meet. You go and see Him, sit down with Him, both of you talk with the other one. He explains things and teaches you some things you didn’t know. He asks if you have anything He can help you with. He tells you He loves you and will help you and you tell Him you love Him and thank Him for the many ways that He has helped you and His willingness to always help  you. What’s the difference between this line of thinking and the reality? Basically, a physical body! He is even more present than if He were within a physical body. He is abiding within the inner being (our hearts). This is the reality for all who know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Why, then, do we respond to Him as if all these things are only “facts” we believe? Why don’t we thrill to the wonder and reality? Why don’t we find ourselves overwhelmed by His constant, unfailing, loving, Presence? I suggest it is because we are habituated to go mindlessly on in a daily routine that keeps our minds on all we have to do or need to do, instead of heeding His command, in Psalm 46:10, to: “Be still and know that I (am) God.” In her hymn, “The Beautiful Garden of Prayer,” Eleanor Allen Schroll appears to have enjoyed the reality. She wrote: “There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, there’s a place that is wondrously fair; for it glows with the light of His presence, ’tis that beautiful garden of prayer. There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, and I go with my burden and care just to learn from His lips words of comfort, in the beautiful garden of prayer. There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, and He bids you to come meet Him there; just to bow, and receive a new blessing, in the beautiful garden of prayer. Oh, the beautiful garden, the garden of prayer,  Oh, the beautiful garden of prayer; there my Savior awaits, and He opens the gates to the beautiful garden of prayer.” Selah! Let the thinking be only the starting point. In the Word and prayer, rejoice in Him, Himself!   Ron


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