Eating Right

Eating right is a must if we are going to be healthy. This is true Spiritually as well! The insufficient diet of far too many Christians has resulted in spiritually weak, anemic and sickly lives. A lack of discipline has robbed many of a vibrant and exciting walk with God. Number one, of course, is the Word of God. We, who know Jesus as Savior and Lord, must have a good helping of Spiritual meat every day from Scripture. There are some very helpful side dishes. These include tools to help us learn from others the things they have learned in their studying, accounts of God’s working in others’ lives and an increasing knowledge of sound doctrine and training in answering critics’ attacks. The “other side of the coin” is recognizing and rejecting poor spiritual food. Food that has few, if any, Spiritual nutrients is a waste of valuable time. Wholesome and Biblically sound fiction may serve as an acceptable dessert, in moderate doses. We must strongly resist laziness and work to maintain a strict, nourishing Spiritual diet. This is exactly what Paul was inspired to tell Timothy (and us) to do: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15). Charles Price Jones gives us a prayer in his hymn, “Deeper, Deeper.” Let’s make it the prayer of our hearts and may the answer be found in our lives: “Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus daily let me go; higher, higher in the school of wisdom, more of grace to know. O deeper yet, I pray, and higher ev’ry day, and wiser, blessed Lord, in Thy precious, Holy Word.” Selah! Spiritual strength and energy are the benefits of a balanced Spiritual diet in our daily lives. Dig in!   Ron

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