Fresh Air!

Stale or stagnant air is not good to breathe. Likewise, polluted air is harmful. Foul odors are offensive. A pigpen stinks! Nevertheless, the pigs, apparently, are not bothered. What about those of us who have been born again? Are we content to wallow in the garbage of this world system’s rotting stench? Are we not called to draw fresh air from the rarefied atmosphere of Heaven? Isn’t this what Paul, in II Corinthians 6;17, was inspired to urge us: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean (thing).?” While the “pigs” are content to feed on the swill of worldliness, the “sheep” are to enjoy still waters, green pastures and the paths of righteousness and feel the refreshing breezes of God’s favor. This seems to be what, “The Cleansing Wave, ” by Phoebe Palmer was all about and what God intends for all of His children to experience: “Oh, now I see the crimson wave! The fountain deep and wide; Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save, points to His wounded side. I see the new creation rise, I hear the speaking blood; it speaks, polluted nature dies, sinks ’neath the cleansing flood. I rise to walk in Heav’n’s own light, above the world and sin, with heart made pure and garments white, and Christ enthroned within. Amazing grace! ’tis Heav’n below to feel the blood applied, and Jesus, only Jesus know, my Jesus crucified. The cleansing stream I see, I see!  I plunge, and, oh, it cleanseth me!  Oh, praise the Lord, it cleanseth me! It cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me.” Selah! Sheep should never be found in a pigpen!   Ron

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