How Do We Gain Peace?-Some Thoughts

Have you ever tried to be at peace, when things are going wrong? Have you longed for peace in the midst of events that are out of your control? Perhaps you have tried to calm yourself, to relax, to stop and think objectively. Even with your best efforts, the problem is overwhelming. How can you be at peace? It would be out of reach unless……peace has become a way of life for you. Peace is not something we can achieve or experience in the midst of turmoil. We can be in denial, but the lack of peace simmers beneath the surface of our lives. How does peace become a way of life? First and foremost, true peace is available only to those who have received Jesus as Savior and Lord. Romans 5:1 speaks of this: “Therefore being justified by faith, we (those who have been born again) have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” However, even for genuine Christians, deep and lasting peace takes time. Peace with God brings the peace of God. The question is: How we access that peace? Romans 10:17 answers that question: “So then faith (cometh) by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Faith (complete trust) comes from time spent in God’s Word! Psalm 119:165 states: “Great Peace have they which love Thy Law.” When we come to gain more and more knowledge of Who God is and what He’s like and how He loves and relates to His own, we increase our trust in Him, His love, His ability and His availability. Peace begins to spread throughout our inner being. We have a loving and helping Heavenly Father, Who is there for us 24/7. We can relate to the musical testimony of Haldor Lillenas in his hymn, “Wonderful Peace.” He wrote: “Coming to Jesus, my Savior, I found wonderful peace, wonderful peace; storms in their fury may rage all around, I have peace, sweet peace. Peace like a river, so deep and so broad, wonderful peace, wonderful peace; resting my soul on the bosom of God,  I have peace, sweet peace. Peace like a holy and infinite calm, wonderful peace, wonderful peace; like to the strains of an evening psalm,  I have peace, sweet peace. Gone is the battle that once raged within, wonderful peace, wonderful peace;  Jesus has saved me and cleansed me from sin,  I have peace, sweet peace. Peace, peace, wonderful peace, peace, peace, glorious peace; since my Redeemer has ransomed my soul,  I have peace, sweet peace!” Selah! Listen to God’s voice, obey His loving instruction, talk to Him, and know His loving arms are there for your support. This is for all who are His!    Ron

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One thought on “How Do We Gain Peace?-Some Thoughts

  1. Another good one, Ron. There have been likes and comments and re-posting of your blog by different ones. Mary is still “holding on” so the funeral is still pending.

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