What Kind of Audio-Visual?

Yesterday, we looked at the implications of how our conversation is used. We looked at how God can use and wants to use our voices. Today, let’s look at our behavior and what it displays to others. “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation.” (From I Timothy 4:12). The “audio” part of our impact is what we say (and don’t say) and how we say it. The “visual” part of our impact is our manner of life. That’s what is meant by “conversation” in this verse. What do people see in the lifestyle of a genuine believer? Where do we go (and where do we not go)? What do we read, listen to and watch (and what do we refuse to)? How do we treat others? What activities do we engage in? With whom do we “hang out?” Are we respectful and courteous? Thoughtful and kind? Pleasant and helpful? Are we involved in God’s work and God’s Word? Is the Local church a priority? People observe all of this and they know when our “walk” doesn’t match our “talk.” When our lives back up our profession of salvation, an impact is made! As one has so aptly put it, we are the only Bible that some will see. However, the exposure to our Godly lives can prompt some to open themselves to reading and hearing God’s Word. May our prayer be that of Lillian Plankenhorn expressed in her chorus, “My Desire:” “My desire– to be like Jesus, my desire–to be like Him! His Spirit fill me, His love o’erwhelm me: in deed and word to be like Him!” Selah! May we, His Audio-Visuals, actually represent Him in impactful ways, in those who watch and listen.   Ron

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