Spectacular or Steady?

There are some folks who seem to be always taken up with the excitement, the dramatic and the sensational. This is understandable, to a point. However, this is not to be our basic lifestyle. There are fascinating and fun things to think about during our journey through life. Many, who live only for the thrills and/or are shaken by the bad things, become bored and listless when nothing much is going on. All the excitement can take peoples’ eyes off the journey and they can lose sight of the goal. A disciple keeps his or her eyes on the end of the trip. They move steadily along, notice the unusual, give it a passing thought or two, deal with any problem and keep moving forward. These folks walk in faith and obedience, governed by God’s Word, and not under the sway of their emotions. Ironically, if they are walking in the Light and walking in the Spirit, they have deep-seated joy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment. That’s because, as Proverbs 4:18 informs us: “….the path of the just (is) as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”  One walks alongside, leading, guiding and helping. Alfred H. Ackley, in his hymn, “I Never Walk Alone,” put it well: “I never walk alone, I have the Savior, Who walks beside me everywhere I go; my heart rejoices in His loving favor, and all who will His saving grace may know. I never walk alone in stormy weather, when winds of trouble sweep about my head; I know I’m safe, because we are together, and ’round me His protecting love is spread. I never walk alone, Christ walks beside me, He is the dearest Friend I’ve ever known; with such a Friend to comfort and to guide me, I never, no, I never walk alone.” Selah! Walk closely, walk steadily! Your “Welcome home!” awaits, if you know Jesus as Savior and Lord.   Ron

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