Milk, Mush and Meat

A glass of milk and a cookie go well together, as a snack That, hopefully, is only part of a good dinner. Milk is number one when we first enter this life. Next is some cereal aptly described as mush. Milk, mush and soft foods are all that can be handled for a brief period of time. The time comes when more solid food is introduced and, eventually, there’s nothing like a good steak (or whatever floats your boat). For most people, this is a normal progression. Why is it, then, when we think about Spiritual food so many are still on milk and mush well beyond the normal time? It is a sad commentary when people years into their Spiritual birth are still subsisting on milk and mush. Is it because their only nourishment is being spoon fed by the Pastor and/or teacher? What feasts are enjoyed, when people seek to have a daily diet of healthy food. The same thing is true Spiritually. When we have a well balanced meal from the Word of God, we grow, strengthen and become Spiritually healthy. How many times a day do we dig into a feast like no other? Perhaps we go several days without a bite! God puts His good food on our table daily. Do we ignore it and walk away? Do we say, I’m too busy; I’ll grab something later? How can we do this, when God sets out such a meal and has done it at great cost? The writer of Hebrews 5:12 rebukes such foolishness: “For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.” E. May Grimes’ hymn, “Speak, Lord, in the stillness,” expresses the appetite of those who desire Spiritual health: “Speak, Lord, in the stillness while I wait on Thee; hushed my heart to listen in expectancy. Speak, O blessed Master, in this quiet hour; let me see Your face, Lord, feel Your touch of power. For the words You speak, Lord, they are life indeed; on Living Bread from Heaven, now will my spirit feed! All to You is yielded,  I am not my own; blissful, glad surrender, I am Yours alone. Fill me with the knowledge of Your glorious will; all Your own good pleasure in Your child fulfill.” Selah! If you saw an adult using a nursing bottle, you might conclude something is very wrong; how much more so, when we are guilty of doing just that, Spiritually!   Ron

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