Where is the Glory?

We read with excitement about great revivals of the past and our hearts yearn for a fresh visitation from Heaven. Our heartcry is an echo of Psalm 85: 6: “Wilt Thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in Thee?” Even in recent history, there has been a “glory” that we seem to know little of, today. Where are the “Deeper Life” and “Prophecy” conferences? Where are the blessed Evangelistic Crusades? Where are the vital prayer meetings? Where are tears shed over lost souls? Where is the passion for world missions? Where can we find calls to “surrender” to full time Christian ministry? Where is conviction of sin(s)? Where are Christians reaching out to others; what we used to call: “witnessing?” Where is consecration? And where is separation? Has God written “Ichabod” over our local churches? Has the Glory departed? Is there hope of restoration? Yes, if we truly heed I Peter 4:17a: “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God.” C. H. Gabriel gave us this hymn of prayer entitled, “Pentecostal Power.” If we make it our prayer and seek to be a part of the answer, maybe the “glory” will shine again! “Lord, as of old at Pentecost Thou didst Thy power display, with cleansing purifying flame, descend on us today. For mighty works for Thee, prepare and strengthen every heart; come, take possession of Thine own and nevermore depart. All self consume, all sin destroy! With earnest zeal endue each waiting heart to work for Thee; O Lord, our faith renew! Speak, Lord! before Thy throne we wait, Thy promise we believe, and will not let Thee go until the blessing we receive. Lord, send the old-time power, the Pentecostal power! Thy floodgates of blessing on us throw open wide! Lord send the old-time power, the Pentecostal power, that sinners be converted and Thy name glorified!”  Selah! I believe it was Gypsy Smith who taught that if we want revival, draw a circle around our feet and don’t step out of the circle until God revives everything in that circle. The point is that revival is available to any who will seriously seek God’s face. Are we ready to seek?   Ron

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