Seeing the Invisible

The only way that we can see the invisible is when it becomes visible. We may know a great deal about someone, respect and admire them and never meet them. If we could get to know them personally and they were to live up to our expectations, we would feel it to be a wonderful privilege. There are people in history that we would love to have known personally. We can read about them, be inspired by them but we can’t interact with them. Our knowledge of them is limited to paper, a movie, from the internet, a lecture, etc. There is, however, an exception! We can learn about Him in the various ways just mentioned. It could stop with simply learning or we can come to know Him personally. With any other historical person, that isn’t going to happen. Moses had this privilege. Hebrews 11:27 speaks of this: “By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing Him who is invisible.” How can we know the historical Jesus in a personal way? We start with learning everything that we can about Him. Then, if we have Spiritual life, we know when we read His Word, that He is talking to us and when we pray, He is listening to us. If this is only an intellectual thing, we will never really know Him, only about Him. If, on the other hand, we know by faith that we are interacting with Him, He will be very real to us. The invisible One becomes visible to the eyes of faith! Spending quality time (and often much time) with Him, we come to truly know Him personally. We no longer know Him as historically dead but as a Living Person dwelling in our hearts. Avis B. Christiansen’s hymn, “It is Glory Just to Walk with Him,” speaks of this personal relationship:It is glory just to walk with Him Whose blood has ransomed me; it is rapture for my soul each day.  It is joy divine to feel Him near where’er my path may be. Bless the Lord, it’s glory all the way! It is glory when the shadows fall, to know that He is near. Oh, what joy to simply trust and pray! It is glory to abide in Him when skies above are clear. yes, with Him, it’s glory all the way! ‘Twill be glory when I walk with Him on Heaven’s golden shore, never from His side again to stray. Twill be glory, wondrous glory with the Saviour evermore, everlasting glory all the way! It is glory just to walk with Him. It is glory just to walk with Him. He will guide my steps aright, thro’ the vale and o’er the height. It is glory just to walk with Him!” Selah! Knowing about Him, we must come to know Him as a living Person with Whom we walk each day in wonderful fellowship. The invisible becomes visible; we rejoice in His personal Presence!     Ron

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