Fully Exposed!

Ever since Adam and Eve “fell” in the Garden of Eden, mankind has tried to avoid being exposed as wrong, sinful, shameful and evil, etc. In fact, Jesus, in John 3:19, gave a scathing indictment of mankind’s attempt to cover up their sinfulness: “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” Make no mistake; every wrong thing will be exposed: sin(s) false values, motives, attitudes, corrupt speech, impure thoughts and all else! Jesus, in another parable, speaks of the purpose of light: “And He said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.” (Mark 4:21-23). Imagine a movie camera taking a picture of all your thoughts, words, deeds and failures and you will have some idea of being fully exposed. Nothing will escape God’s penetrating exposure. However, for a child of God, Psalm 103:12 tells us that: “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us.” All who know Jesus as Savior and Lord, will be evaluated for rewards or loss of rewards, but their sin(s) will never meet them as far as their eternal destiny is concerned, because: “Calvary covers it all, my past with its sin and stain; my guilt and despair Jesus took on Him there, and Calvary covers it all” (“Calvary Covers It All,” By Mrs. Walter G. Taylor). Selah! Jesus brings conviction for our sins so that we will turn from them. When we turn to Him and receive His salvation, He enables us to turn more and more away from our sinning until one day we will be completely free of sin.    Ron

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