A Matter of Choice

We have been given a privilege. How we use this privilege is crucial. What happens in our lives here on earth and on into eternity is a result of how we use this privilege. It’s the gift of the freedom of choice. With this gift so great comes our responsibility for how we use it. Make no mistake, we will have good or bad experiences based on our choices. Let me illustrate. I imagine that Hitler and Lincoln were both cute, innocent babies. Look how each came out. A young person becomes “spaced out.” He or she drives a car and someone is killed. Some other young people enter the healing profession and end up saving lives. People commit crimes and end up in prison. Others obey the law and become highly respected. Many more examples could be given, but let’s consider the most important of all choices. In Joshua 24:14-15, Joshua challenges Israel. In verse 14, he admonishes them to “….fear the LORD, and serve Him in sincerity and in truth. In Verse 15, he gives them a choice: “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve….” A religious leader met with Jesus. He gave Jesus a respectful greeting. Before he could say more, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). This encounter highlights the most important of all choices: Will I receive Jesus as Savior and Lord and be spiritually reborn, or will I refuse and be eternally rejected? God doesn’t make this choice for us; He leaves it up to us. An author with the initials: A. J. H. asks in the hymn, “Have You Counted the Cost?” some questions that help spell out the consequences of our choice: “There’s a line that is drawn by rejecting our Lord, where the call of His Spirit is lost, and you hurry along with the pleasure-mad throng – have you counted, have you counted the cost? You may barter your hope of eternity’s morn, for a moment of joy at the most, for the glitter of sin and the things it will win – have you counted, have you counted the cost? While the door of His mercy is open to you, ere the depth of His love you exhaust, won’t you come and be healed, won’t you whisper, I yield –  I have counted, I have counted the cost? Have you counted the cost, if your soul should be lost tho’ you gain the whole world for your own? Even now it may be that the line you have crossed, have you counted, have you counted the cost? Selah! If you have chosen to receive Jesus, thank God; rejoice! If you haven’t, you can choose to do so. Do it while you can. Tomorrow can be: eternally, too late! Ron

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One thought on “A Matter of Choice

  1. Another masterpiece! There is the dilemma of free will versus the Soverenty of God. I think I have it balanced out in my mind but there has been an age-old controversy on this issue. You hid the nail on the head when you mentioned that choice is a gift God gave us and He won’t take back that awesome gift. I once heard an illustration on this subject about a young person helping an elderly person cross the street. It said that when the young person does it out of their own free will, rather than because someone made them do it, that is true love in action and based completely on the will of the person to help.

    Thanks for today’s piece.


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