Be Good!

Do you remember a parent or someone saying to you, “Be good!”? They usually meant for you to behave, to stop doing something you shouldn’t do. The problem with this is found in Jesus’ question to a certain ruler. Jesus asked him, in Luke 18:19: “Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.” Jesus was asking the ruler if he recognized that He (Jesus) is God. In that probing question, a certain Truth is expressed, namely that only God is good. Where does that leave us when we are told that one of the results of genuine faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord is “goodness?” Let me digress for a moment: any human being can do good things, can be considered a good person. But why? Is it the desire to be called “good”? Is the good that we do because of an obligation we feel, or do we act out of genuine concern? The latter is a good trait but still falls short of God’s kind of goodness. God is pure “good.” That brings us to the core of the issue: the goodness that springs from authentic faith is God’s love in us and flowing out through us to touch others. It is love in action! It is God’s love and we are the “channels” for God’s love to impact people’s hearts and minds, offering salvation, help and hope. Phillip Doddridge speaks of God’s kind of goodness that touches others through us: “O Fount of good, for all Your love our true thanks should be paid. What can we render, Lord, to You, when you own all that’s made? But You have needy brothers here, partakers of Your grace, whose names You will Yourself confess before the Father’s face. In their sad accents of distress Your pleading voice is heard;  You may in them be clothed and fed and visited and cheered. Then help us, Lord, your yoke to wear and gladly do Your will, each other’s daily burdens share, the law of love fulfill. Your face with rev’rence and with love we in the poor will view, and, while we minister to them, we do it as to You.” (The hymn: “O Fount of Good, for All Your Love“). Selah! In Acts 10:38 we are told that: “….God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: Who went about doing good.” May we be found sharing His goodness with others!   Ron

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