Stress or Distress?

Among the many strategies that the devil has found very effective is that of “what if” or “what can I do?” By his centering our thoughts (yes, he works on our minds) on problems and trials, we begin to stress over how we can deal with something this hard that needs to be resolved. Or, how can we bear up under this hurt and/or pain. We move from stress to distress. What’s the difference between these two experiences? Stress, rightly experienced, should alert us to responsibilities, not so we can be overwhelmed by them. It should motivate us to do what we can, seeking help and answers when needful, in order to take care of our responsibilities. When we become anxious, fearful, and worried, stress has “morphed” into distress. Allowing these emotions to take our eyes off of God’s promises, purposes, and Presence guarantees distress. As one wisely said: “worry is assuming responsibilities that God never intended for us to assume. ” There is a saying that God will never give us more than we can handle. That is not the case! Actually, He will not give us more than we and He can handle. When negative emotions get “the upper hand” in our lives, it usually signals a lack of trust or a failure to follow God’s guidance and to live by His principles.  Let me share two very important verses regarding this issue: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” and “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.” (Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 56:3). “Let not your heart be troubled,” I hear my Saviour say, when weary with the burdens and trials of the day; So leaning on His promise, that near me He will be, the things that fret and worry seem beautiful to me. “Let not your heart be troubled,” the Saviour’s tender voice speaks when I feel discouraged, and bids my soul rejoice; So patiently I’m striving to live just day by day, the love that never faileth, with sunshine floods the way. I’m trusting in His goodness, tho’ shadows round me fall,  I’ll do my little duties,  He gives me strength for all;  I must not disappoint Him, but ever faithful be; a mansion bright in glory, He hath prepared for me.” (“Let not your heart be troubled,” By Lizzie DeArmond). Selah! Tomorrow, God willing, we will look at “Disarming Distress.”  Ron

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One thought on “Stress or Distress?

  1. Another bell ringer. I appreciated the fact that you brought out that God will not give us more than “He and we” cannot handle. That was excellent. It reminded me once again of my sermon, “Who is that Speaking. I’m going to try to find a way to email it to you.

    God bless,


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