Is This Possible?

Being creatures of habit, we do many things without much conscious thought. For example: we eat. We are probably aware of the taste and the feeling of our hunger subsiding. Suppose that we had no food, only water, for a month or more. We finally are able to get some food. Can you imagine the relief, the pleasure, the hunger being satisfied, that we would experience? Habit, for awhile, would be replaced with joy. For those who know Jesus as Savior and Lord, does our experience of Him fade into just a habit? Does our walk with Him become simply a matter of going through the motions? If so, isn’t it high time to stop, evaluate, and recapture the joy of a vital, soul-satisfying, conscious involvement with Jesus? Church is wonderful, very important, and we need to be involved. However, it is not a substitute for a personal walk with Jesus through life. In Revelation 2:4, Jesus laments: “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” He commended them for their labors and faithfulness, but urged them to remember, repent and return to their first love. Does that appeal echo down the corridors of time to the ears of those who have been faithful, but have lapsed into lives of habit? Zealous love needs to be rekindled! Will we respond to Jesus’ appeal? An author known only by his initials, P. H. has given us a hymn, “Only Jesus.” It reminds us of the wonder of Jesus: “Only Jesus would I know, Jesus, only Jesus! He’s my portion here below, Jesus, only Jesus! Only Jesus knows my heart, Jesus, only Jesus! He alone can peace impart, Jesus, only Jesus! Only Jesus satisfies, Jesus, only Jesus! He my every want supplies, Jesus, only Jesus! Things of earth are trifling toys, He my highest thought employs; He the spring of all my joys,  Jesus, only Jesus!” Selah! Jesus isrevival,” when we love Him, honor Him, and obey Him because we trust Him and He means more to us than all else.   Ron

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One thought on “Is This Possible?

  1. Oh, another great piece, Ron. Our faith walk can become mundane and almost meaningless. It should never be allowed to diminish to that level. I want to constantly be moved by what God did for me and never let it become mundane and ordinary. Thanks for today’ thought.


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