Three Kinds

There are two things of which there are three kinds. Two are temporary; one is permanent. I have in mind “wisdom” and “knowledge.” Let’s take a closer look at these two familiar things. Starting with “knowledge, we could have knowledge of how to repair a car and/or build a house or some other talent or ability. This is good knowledge and life would be difficult or impossible without it.  But…… Let’s move to “wisdom.” Wisdom is also very good and very important. It enables us to live and relate to others as we should. It helps us to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes. It gives us the ability to counsel and advise others. But…. But what? These two wonderful things have only to do with this life. There will come a time when “wisdom” and “knowledge,” that are for this life only, will end! “For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent” (I Corinthians 1:19). People revel in this kind of wisdom and knowledge. However, these have no value to the dead or for when life, as we know it here on earth, is done. God offers wisdom and knowledge for life here and hereafter. The Bible, God’s Word to us, is the source of wisdom and knowledge that enables us to relate to Him. Appropriating His wisdom and knowledge, and receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord, leads to abundant life here and guarantees us a home in Heaven. This kind of wisdom and knowledge endures forever! That James Merrick understood is clear from his hymn: “Teach Me, O Teach Me, Lord, Thy way:” “Teach me, O teach me, Lord, Thy way; that, to my life’s remotest day, by Thine unerring precepts led, my feet Thy heavenly paths may tread. Informed by Thee, with sacred awe my heart shall meditate Thy law; and, with celestial wisdom filled, to Thee its full obedience yield. Give me to know Thy will aright, Thy will, my glory and delight; that, raised above the world, my mind  In Thee its highest good may find. O turn from vanity my eye; to me Thy quickening strength supply; and with Thy promised mercy cheer a heart devoted to Thy fear. Selah! At a seminar we attended, we found these definitions apt: “Knowledge is understanding life from God’s point of view; Wisdom is responding to life from God’s point of view, and grace Is the ability that God gives to respond to life from His point of view.”   Ron

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2 thoughts on “Three Kinds

  1. Another good one. I have met people with impressive knowledge and little to no wisdom. I have met people with lots of wisdom and it seems like they are extremely intelligent. I believe it has to do with believers who have gained wisdom down through the years and have acquired Godly knowledge. Thank you for this article.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that people with lots knowledge and no wisdom are, according to a friend, educated idiots.

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