More Clues to Self-Discovery & The Misuse of Humor

Guest Articles By Dr. A. W. Tozer*

 *These two articles are a continuation of yesterday’s article.


More Clues to Self-Discovery

. . . We may be known by the following: 4. What we do with our leisure time. A large share of our time is already spoken for by the exigencies of civilized living, but we do have some free time. What we do with it is vital. Most people waste it staring at the television, listening to the radio, reading the cheap output of the press or engaging in idle chatter. What I do with mine reveals the kind of man I am. 5. The company we enjoy. There is a law of moral attraction that draws every man to the society most like himself. “Being let go, they went to their own company” (Acts 4:23). Where we go when we are free to go where we will is a near-infallible index of character. 6. Whom and what we admire. I have long suspected that the great majority of evangelical Christians, while kept somewhat in line by the pressure of group opinion, nevertheless have a boundless, if perforce secret, admiration for the world. We can learn the true state of our minds by examining our unexpressed admirations. Israel often admired, even envied, the pagan nations around them, and so forgot the adoption and the glory and the covenants and the law and the promises and the fathers. Instead of blaming Israel let us look to ourselves.

The Misuse of Humor

. . . We may be known by the following: 7. What we laugh at. No one with a due regard for the wisdom of God would argue that there is anything wrong with laughter, since humor is a legitimate component of our complex nature. Lacking a sense of humor we fall that much short of healthy humanity. But the test we are running here is not whether we laugh or not, but what we laugh at. Some things lie outside the field of pure humor. No reverent Christian, for instance, finds death funny, nor birth nor love. No Spirit-filled man can bring himself to laugh at the Holy Scriptures, or the Church which Christ purchased with His own blood, or prayer or righteousness or human grief or pain. And surely no one who has been even for a brief moment in the presence of God could ever laugh at a story involving the Deity. These are a few tests. The wise Christian will find others.

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One thought on “More Clues to Self-Discovery & The Misuse of Humor

  1. This is so true! Many professing believers seem to just enter in “garbage talk” or off color or even xrated jokes and participate in it just like the world. I find that VERY dissapointing. I remember Dr. D. J. Kennedy posing the question: “If you were in a court of law and accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Blessings to you. D

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