Knowing God on a Personal Level

You might want an appointment with an important person. However, to gain an appointment, you may have to produce a justifying reason for being granted one. You may also need a contact who can get you an appointment. Once you have gotten to see this person, you may have been able to start a friendship with this “important” person. How does all this compare to getting to know the only truly important Person-God? Do you have a justifiable reason to be welcomed into His Presence? If you have come to know His Son as Savior and Lord, all your sins have been forgiven and your soul has been cleansed. His Son secures entrance into His Father’s Presence for you! John 14:6 makes it clear that this is the only way to see God. You have not only gained entrance into His Presence, you are welcomed and loved. While He is your “Friend,” you now have a relationship with God that completely transcends friendship. You now have fellowship and communion with your creator God! You are encompassed within Him and He puts His Presence into your innermost being. You have been adopted into His family; you have become His child! How do you get to really know your Father in Heaven? Jesus, directly and through His followers, gives you ever increasing understanding of His Father in the Bible. God Himself is revealed in the Scriptures. The more time you spend there, the better you come to know and love Him. Not only that, but you can listen to Him and He will listen to you. This is called prayer! Loving Him, gaining understanding of Him, learning from Him, following His instructions, and letting Him guide you, you become more and more like Him! “My God, how wonderful You are; Your majesty, how bright! How beautiful Your mercy seat in depths of burning light! How wonderful, how beautiful the sight of You must be, Your endless wisdom, boundless power, and awesome purity! O how I fear You, living God, with deepest, tenderest fears, and worship You with trembling hope and penitential tears! Yet I may love You too, O Lord, Almighty as You are, for You have stooped to ask of me the love of my poor heart. No earthly father loves like You,  no mother half so mild  bears and forbears as You have done with me, your sinful child. Father of Jesus, Love divine, great King upon Your throne,  what joy to see You as You are and worship You alone!  (From the hymn, “My God, How Wonderful Thou Art,” By Frederick William Faber). Selah! Ponder these words of Jesus from John 14:23: “If a man love Me, he will keep My words: and My Father will love him, and We will come unto him, and make Our abode with him!” Knowing about Him only as a biographical figure written up in a book is fascinating, but knowing Him personally as the Living Christ is life changing!   Ron

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