A Penetrating Voice

I could go to a local cemetery and scream for “the buried” to come back to life and what would happen? Nothing! We know of One Whose voice awakened people like Lazarus from physical death. However, this was only a temporary physical restoration. That same “voice” calls today to multitudes of spiritually dead people. Those who hear and respond to the offer of Spiritual life are restored permanently. This “voice” sounds out from the pages of Scripture when God’s Word is proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit. In John 6:63, Jesus stated, ….the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” Those words, that “voice” may be heard from reading the Bible with an open heart and mind, from a book about the Word of God, from Scripture recorded on CDs or DVDs, from the voice of a friend or loved one, from a gospel tract, or from a letter from someone who cares. When really listened to and heeded, they impart eternal life! Jonathan Friedrich Bahnmaier’s hymn, “Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word,” motivates us to be “spreaders” of the Word: “Spread, O spread, thou mighty Word, spread the kingdom of the Lord, that to earth’s remotest bound, men may heed the joyful sound; Word of how the Father’s will made the world, and keeps it, still; how His only Son He gave, man from sin and death to save; Word of how the Saviour’s love, earth’s sore burden doth remove how for ever, in its need, through His death the world is freed; mighty Word, God’s Spirit gave, man for heavenly Life to save;  Word through Whose all-holy might, man can will and do the right; Word of life, most pure and strong, Word for which the nations long, spread abroad, until from night all the world awakes to light.” Selah! Just think! Bringing God’s Word to people’s ears may rescue some from eternal death!   Ron

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One thought on “A Penetrating Voice

  1. I can still remember the preacher’s words that deeply convicted me or my sin. It was those words that changed my life completely back in January of 1962.

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