How Not to Approach

We are truly “creatures of habit.” Sometimes, that is helpful; sometimes, it isn’t! There is one way in which it can be very wrong. I’m thinking about reading habits. We approach a book as something to be studied, enjoyed, disproven, a help, of interest, etc. Whatever! But it’s still a book. It has covers, pages, paper, ink, and perhaps pictures. We make a massive mistake when we approach the Bible that way. We need to think “outside of the box.” It looks and feels like a book because it comes to us in that form. When, however, we open it with receptive hearts and minds, the physical book becomes the way that God uses to communicate with us. We actually go into His Presence! He speaks to our minds and hearts! He reveals Himself! He expresses His will! He explains His plans and purposes! He teaches His way! He gives us the meaning of life! We are interacting with God! When we open our hearts and minds to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, the life of God enters our inner being and this amazing Book gives us an endless supply of wondrous and practical Truth. It comes alive and is an inexhaustible supply of eternal treasures. We add our plea to that of the Psalmist’s: “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.(Psalm 119:18).  He will respond to that plea from those who have become His! “The Word of God is like a light that shines serenely thro’ the night; its rays will light my weary way to the realms of a fair, unending day. The Word of God is like a sword that pierces hearts, thus saith the Lord; and like a hammer, weighty, strong, that can break up the rocks of sin and wrong. The Word of God is like the bread on which the hosts of old were fed; from Heav’n it came to fill our need, hungry hearts it will satisfy indeed. The Word of God is like a fire, it kindles in our hearts, desire to see its Author face to face and to know all the fullness of His grace. The Word of God is strong and sure, forevermore it shall endure, when oceans cease to kiss the shore, when suns shall set to rise no more; ‘mid crash of worlds it shall remain unshaken midst the starry rain, upon its firm foundation strong,  I will plant my feet thro’ the ages long.” (“The Word of God” by Haldor Lillenas). Selah! When we open the Bible with ears to hear and hearts to receive, we approach God and He will speak to us!   Ron

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