Buried Treasure!

People have found buried treasure, but not very often! Finding treasure creates its own set of problems, not to mention that it seldom lasts long, and fails to meet our deepest need. There is a treasure that, if we are willing to search diligently for it, will be found and its riches will last forever! Best of all, anyone who is willing to follow the map, can locate and enjoy this treasure. What is this amazing treasure? It is wisdom (found in Jesus Christ) that, in the words of Proverbs 2:4: “If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures,” she will be found! You will be blessed with this treasure, forever! However, you do have to have the map and that map is God’s Holy Word, the Bible. The treasure found there is inexhaustible. Only those who know Jesus as Savior and Lord can adequately read the map. Coming to Him starts the journey to discover and appropriate the treasure. Buried in Scripture is enough treasure to supply “whosoever will,” unendingly. John Newton gave us, “Precious Bible, What a Treasure,” that talks about this wonderful treasure: “Precious Bible! what a treasure, does the word of God afford!  All I want for life or pleasure, food or medicine, shield and sword; let the world account me poor, having this, I want no more. Food to which the world’s a stranger, here my hungry soul enjoys; of excess there is no danger, though it fills, it never cloys; on a dying Christ I feed,  He is meat and drink indeed! When my faith is faint and sickly, or when Satan wounds my mind; cordials (warm, hearty, sincere) to revive me quickly, healing medicines here I find: to the promises I flee, each affords a remedy. In the hour of dark temptation,  Satan cannot make me yield; for the word of consolation is to me a mighty shield: While the Scripture-Truths are sure, from his malice I’m secure. Vain his threats to overcome me, when I take the Spirit’s Sword; then with ease I drive him from me, Satan trembles at the word: ’tis a sword for conquest made, keen the edge, and strong the blade. Shall I envy then the miser, doting on his golden store? Sure I am, or should be wiser,  I am rich, ’tis he is poor; Jesus gives me in His Word, food and medicine, shield and sword!” Selah! We may have huge wealth and still be Spiritually broke, or we can be very poor and still be immensely wealthy, Spiritually! Earthly riches are good only briefly; Heavenly riches have no end!   Ron

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