Wisdom in Giving

I’ve talked with a number of God’s people who feel guilty if they don’t give to some organizations that contact them with a strong emotional appeal for funds. There are principles for determining if you should give, if you are able. First, check out the integrity of the organization financially and doctrinally. Determine what percentage goes to administration and what actually helps the need. Some organizations give only a small amount of money to the actual need. That is not good management! Check, if you possibly can, the results these groups accomplish with those they claim to help. Remember your local Bible-believing church comes first in your giving: As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10). Don’t give grudgingly; God loves a cheerful giver. If you have some means to help after you have taken care of “family” obligations, choose tried and tested charities. They, too, should be “checked out.” Remember, you can’t help them all; choose wisely. Whatever you give to God’s work doesn’t take the place of praying for these ministries. Be a good steward of that with which God has entrusted you. Don’t short-change your own family, your mate, children and needy relatives. Don’t give in such a way as to enable people to continue in financial irresponsibility. There are occasions when sacrificial giving is called for. Seek God’s guidance. These are a few thoughts that hopefully will be of help. Within these guidelines, consider Lizzie DeArmond’s hymn, “Giving and loving, Loving and giving:” “Blessings, like sunshine, fall on our way, pass them on freely, O do not delay; loving and giving, make life worth living, some little kindness may cheer a sad day. Singing for gladness, smile as you go, smoothing the rough road for comrades below; make some heart lighter, some dark path brighter, lifting a burden, your goodwill to show. Better than silver, richer than gold, blessings unnumbered around us unfold; service we render, words true and tender, happiness ever for others must hold. Giving and loving, loving and giving, some little kindness do ev’ry day; joyfully singing, in His name bringing blessings to others walking your way.” Selah! Only God can  accomplish eternal results, using our giving.   Ron

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3 thoughts on “Wisdom in Giving

  1. This is a pertinent and great topic. You have handled this well. I find that being in “the retirement bracket” we get as many as three calls in a day at times to contribute to some “worthy” cause – along with several pieces of mail in that regard. A compassionate person can be caused to feel “guilty” if one doesn’t contribute. The aspect of making sure it is “truly worthy” of support – the percentage that actually goes to the “project” – and what is actually being accomplished with the money – are great things to check on.

  2. Wise counsel! Some get confused about there the tithe goes. I had the question posed to me many times. There is a couple at Hosanna who are still confused about it and give randomly; sometimes to the church.

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