Tool or Trick?

There are many things that prove to be good or bad, only by how we use them. For example: Food is good, unless our food is unhealthy and/or we overindulge. There is one thing today that can be a very helpful tool or which can make us victims of a very effective trick. If, and only if, we are grounded in the Word of God can what Paul said, in II Corinthians 2:11, apply to us: “….for we are not ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices.” Four things that he uses most, to damage, defeat, and destroy all who are born again, are doubt, deceit, discouragement and distraction. Distraction is very effective! Anything that takes up our minds: our interests, our emotions, our desires, etc. can keep us distracted from what is absolutely essential. This, above all, is adequate and quality time interacting with God each day. One very effective distraction is “technology!” One product of technology is a great tool or it can be a very effective trick of distraction. I speak of computers, the internet, etc. If we are not disciplined, we will be distracted! Only firm and consistent discipline will enable us (to borrow a phrase from II Timothy 2:26) to escape from: “…. the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” Avis B. Christiansen, in her hymn, “Only One life,” describes what a Christian’s major focus must be: “Only one life to offer — Jesus, my Lord and King; only one tongue to praise Thee and of Thy mercy sing. Only one heart’s devotion — Savior, O may it be consecrated alone to Thy matchless glory, yielded fully to Thee. Only one life to offer — take it, dear Lord, I pray; nothing from Thee withholding, Thy will I now obey, Thou Who hast freely given Thine all in all for me, claim this life for Thine own to be used, my Savior, ev’ry moment for Thee!” Selah! Is Jesus our major focus or is it the cyber-world? It can’t be both!   Ron

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One thought on “Tool or Trick?

  1. May we always be careful to use the Internet/Email for the Lord’s Glory – as well as many other distractions that satan throws into our pathway.

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