How Do You Drive?

I trust that you are a good driver. I hope you drive safely, carefully, defensively and obey the laws. I recall Redd Harper saying, “If you can’t obey the laws of man, how can you ever obey the laws of God?” However, I have a question. How can people discipline themselves to drive properly but not to live properly? The dynamics are the same: Read and study the laws; obey the laws; don’t go by your “feelings.” It might give some kind of “rush” to drive 100 MPH and it might get you or some others killed. How many have excused risky driving by assuming that they can handle it, only to find out that they made a very bad and costly decision? Many who would never do something like that with a car will do foolish things in their spiritual lives, based on their “feelings,” and experience serious consequences and regrets. We must use true and accurate knowledge. It is wisdom to go by obedience to laws. Careful and safe behavior, a refusal to go by feelings, and being careful not to go to dangerous places, or let foolish people influence us to do wrong things, generates positive results on the road and, spiritually, on the road of life. As II Corinthians 10:5 indicates, we are to bring “….into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” This is the only way to Spiritual maturity and to avoid costly and foolish choices. D. S. Warner describes wise Spiritual “driving” in his hymn, “By Thy Blessed Word Obeying:” “By Thy blessed Word obeying, Lord, we prove our love sincere; for we hear Thee gently saying, “Love will do as well as hear. Every word Thy mouth hath spoken is essential to our life; all Thy mandates love betoken, to oppose them is but strife. In Thy wisdom, Lord, confiding, we will follow in Thy way; with Thy love in us abiding, ’tis delightful to obey. Each commandment Thou hast given is a waymark on the road; leading up from earth to Heaven, to the blessed throne of God.” Selah! A wise driver uses reliable knowledge, applies it to the car and the car responds properly to the driver’s control. If a car malfunctions, we get it repaired; if we malfunction, God is in the spiritual repair business!   Ron

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