Grace is received by faith and grace brings salvation. Salvation enables our faith to grow. Romans 10:17 speaks of this: “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” In II Peter 1:5-7, we are told to add seven things to our faith. Adding these carries the idea of supporting our faith. Grace makes this possible. Not only is grace unmerited favor; grace is the ability God gives us to live Godly lives. This comes through our study and application of and obedience to God’s Word. The first thing that we need to support our faith is virtue. The meaning of virtue in this passage is “energy.” In other words, once we are born again, God uses the Scriptures to energize us to grow in grace. As we grow, our faith becomes stronger. As it is strengthened, we add the additional support of knowledge. (More on that tomorrow, God willing). Faith will falter and be ‘flabby,” if we don’t sink our roots deep down into His Word. Much time spent in God’s Word will gradually develop cast-iron faith. When we say or think, “I wish I had more faith,” that wish is granted through the Scriptures.” .I need, O Lord, a stronger faith, in this poor heart of mine, a faith to take Thee at Thy Word, and all for Thee resign. A faith that to Thy promise clings, when clouds above me roll, a faith that sweetly works by love and purifies the soul. A faith that soars beyond the sky, and looks within the veil, a faith that, till my latest hour, shall never, never fail.  A patient, firm, enduring faith, the Christian race to run, a faith to teach me  how to say, my Lord, Thy will be done. Grant me, O Lord, a living faith that I may follow Thee, thro’ joy or sorrow, doubt or fear, until Thy face I see.” (From the hymn: “I need, O lord, a stronger faith“- By Fanny J. Crosby). Selah! Faith that is intellectual only will fail you! Virtue strengthened faith, by disciplined exposure to the Word of God with a yielded heart, will produce experiential faith.   Ron

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