Are You Rejoicing?

Are you rejoicing? To rejoice is to be glad or to make glad. One answer to this question that many would give is that it depends. They would say that they are glad when things are going well. For many, when things are going badly, there is little or nothing about which to be glad. In other words, gladness depends on favorable conditions. True Bible Christianity gives gladness, no matter what our circumstances might be. Even in the midst of trouble, suffering, pain, dangers, lies, misunderstanding, false accusations, threats, etc. there can be rejoicing; there can be deep-seated gladness. This isn’t rejoicing for all the hard things that are happening; it is rejoicing for the One who is there to walk us through trials. We rejoice that God loves us. We rejoice that Jesus died for us. We rejoice that He is with us to guide and direct us through all the hard things of life. We rejoice in wonderful changes he brings to our lives. We rejoice in His wisdom and teaching. We rejoice in the strength He gives. We rejoice for a wonderful personal relationship with God. We rejoice in and for His forgiveness and cleansing. We rejoice for His protection. We rejoice in His peace, even in adversity. We rejoice in His promises. We rejoice in His provision. We rejoice in our service, as He uses us for His glory. We rejoice for how He has changed our destiny. We rejoice in what He has in store for us in Heaven. We rejoice because we will enjoy, and marvel in, His Presence forever in a sin-free environment. We rejoice in the security of all genuine Christians. All this is only a sampling! Are you rejoicing? II Thessalonians 5:16 gives us a brief, but essential, exhortation: “Rejoice evermore!” We can, should, and have every reason to do just that! Ada Blenkhorn  gives testimony to that in her hymn, “All the Way Along:” “There is One Who loves me, One Who is my friend, all the way along, all the way along. He is ever near me, ready to defend, all the way along it is Jesus. He doth still the tempest, bid its tumult cease, all the way along, all the way along, in the time of trouble keeps in perfect peace; all the way along it is Jesus. In my Lord and Savior I will joyful be, all the way along, all the way along, speaking words of comfort sweet and dear to me, all the way along it is Jesus. I will sing the praises of His wondrous love, all the way along, all the way along.  I will sing more sweetly in my home above, all the way along it is Jesus. All the way along it is Jesus; all the way along, blessèd Jesus. He’s my joy and song, all the way along. All the way along it is Jesus!” Selah! When we know and trust Him; when we feed on His Word; when we sing His praises and give thanks, we’ll look above our circumstances at Him and rejoice!   Ron

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