Fanning the Flame

You’re in a house where the only source of heat is from the fireplace. The problem is that the fire has died way down. It is close to going out altogether. Someone calls your attention to the situation. You throw some more wood on and fan what little flame is left. It bursts into flame and the house is wonderfully warm again. It works somewhat the same in our Spiritual lives, if we are born again. At that wondrous moment of new birth, the Holy Spirit enters our inner being and sets our hearts on fire. We become ignited with wonder, love and praise. We burn with zeal. As long as we keep adding fuel to the fire, the flame burns brightly. It protects us from coldness of heart. How do we add fuel to our Spiritual fire? The Holy Spirit calls our attention to God’s fuel for our fire: “And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures” (Luke 24:32)? What these early disciples realized was that God’s Word, when it was “opened” to them, set their hearts on fire. God is still opening His Word to us, giving us fuel to “fan the flame.” How is it “opened” to us today? A preacher, a friend, a brother or sister, a book, DVD or CD, or even the Holy Spirit directly, alerts our attention to the need. Then we go to get a supply of fuel. There must be nothing in the way of our getting to the fuel (like sin in our lives). Once we reach the fuel, we pick it up, load our arms with it, and use it. We use it by understanding it, applying it, obeying it and internalizing it. There is always a supply of this, the only fuel that will keep our flame from going out. In the hymn, “Fire of God, Undying Flame, by Albert F. Bayly, we are given insights on the power of God’s Word to fan our flame and to keep the fire burning: “Fire of God, undying flame, Spirit Who in splendor came, let your heat my soul refine, till it glows with love divine. Breath of God, that swept in power in the Pentecostal hour, Holy Breath, be now in me source of vital energy. Strength of God, your might within conquers sorrow, pain, and sin.  Fortify from evil’s art all the gateways of my heart. Truth of God, your piercing rays penetrate my secret ways. May the light that shames my sin guide me holier paths to win. Love of God, your grace profound knows not either age or bound. Come, my heart’s own guest to be; dwell forevermore in me.” Selah! Let God’s Word set your heart on fire and fuel its continual burning.   Ron
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