“Doing” Church or Being Church?

For far too long, what we speak of as “going to church” has become “a mindset,” without Scriptural warrant! If we are born again, we don’t go to church; we are the church! This “mindset” has consequences. One result is that we settle for being observers, instead of functioning as the church. We may even think that participating in the routine is fulfilling our responsibility. That isn’t necessarily so! Are we engaged in a habit that requires or prompts little thought? Could it be that we think being excited and/or entertained is worship? Could it even be that listening carefully to the message is actually all that is expected of us? When we sing the hymns, is it only good music that moves us and that’s enough? If we are being church, it may well demand some serious changes. As we begin a service, let us prayerfully seek God’s Presence in our gathering. As we continue, let’s exalt Jesus in our hearts and in the service. Let’s make giving an act of gratitude and worship, praying that it will enable more to hear the gospel. Let’s identify with the messages in the hymns. Let’s prayerfully worship God. When we listen, really listen, to the message, may we not settle for it to be interesting and true; may we let it change us to be more like Him. When we set ourselves to do these things we will be “being” church! If we can internalize the words of this hymn by Kenneth Lorne Cober entitled, “Renew thy Church, Her Ministries Restore,” we will have moved much closer to “being” church. Be challenged: “Renew Your church, our ministries restore: both to serve and adore. Make us again as salt throughout the land, and as light from a stand. ‘Mid somber shadows of the night, where greed and hatreds spread their blight, O send us forth with power endued, help us, Lord, be renewed. Teach us Your Word, reveal its Truth divine, on our path let it shine; tell of Your works, Your mighty acts of grace, from each page show Your face.  As You have loved us, sent Your Son, and our salvation now is won, O let our hearts with love be stirred, help us, Lord, know Your Word. Teach us to pray, for You are ever near, Your still voice let us hear. Our souls are restless till they rest in You, this the goal we pursue. Before Your presence keep us still that we may find for us Your will, and seek Your guidance every day, teach us, Lord, how to pray. Teach us to love, with strength of heart and mind, each and all, humankind; break down old walls of prejudice and hate, leave us not to our fate. As You have loved and given Your life to end hostility and strife, O share Your grace from Heaven above, teach us, Lord, how to love.” Selah! When Jesus built the church, He intended that it be the church, a living, breathing, vital expression of Himself!  Ron

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