If You Could Meet Someone from the Past

If you could meet George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or some other favorite famous person, that would be a tremendous experience! There would be questions you would want to ask. It would be most interesting to find out what they were really like, wouldn’t it? You most certainly would  be excited to tell others about your meeting. They would want to know all about it. Alas, you can’t meet someone who is dead! Or, can you? These people from the past, you can learn a lot about them but you’ll never know them personally. There is, however, Someone from the past Who died but is alive and you can meet Him. Perhaps you already have met Him. You knew about Him like you knew about Washington and Lincoln or someone else. The important thing is this: do you know Him as an alive person? Are you interacting with Him? Not in some vague mystical way by simply thinking about Him. Instead, has He become as real, or even more so, than any other person you know well? Knowing about Jesus as a real historical person is very important, but cannot compare with the wonder of knowing Him personally. Go beyond the printed account of Him and become very acquainted with Him. He is alive and present and awaits your loving fellowship! I hope your testimony can be that of Sidney E. Cox in his chorus, “I Love Him Better Ev’ry Day.” Here’s what he wrote: “I love Him better ev’ry day. I love Him better ev’ry day! Close by His side, I will abide. I love Him better ev’ry day!” Selah! What privilege could ever come close to personal friendship and fellowship with the Lord of Glory? The answer: None!!   Ron

Questions? E-Mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com 


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